Dana Mercado

Dana Mercado, RN

Bay Area Regional Medical Center
Webster, Texas
United States
Dana stopped me and said, ‘come with me’. I’m buying breakfast for you.

Dana was recently recognized by a patient and her daughter for the care that they received at BARMC. The daughter was appreciative that we were providing quality care for her mother, we were also paying attention to the daughter’s needs as the patient’s primary caregiver.  She said that she was exhausted but, “her nursing staff from that very first moment doted on her making her feel safe, trying to take pressure off me so I could relax and start to get rest before I became a patient next”.   The daughter said that she was here with her mother 24 hours a day, was exhausted and had no money or clothes with her.  “The team was so compassionate to her situation and mine.  They would come to listen to me because they could see I was overwhelmed. I was impressed that they talked with her, laughed with her and made her feel that she could trust them and that she was safe. I went to get coffee and my mom’s nurse, Dana, stopped me and said, ‘come with me’.  I’m buying breakfast for you.”  The patient’s daughter went on to say that she was “amazed by their generosity and giving hearts.”