Dana Egner

Dana Egner

Dana Egner, ADN

Neuro Trauma-Medical/Surgical
Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital

My grandmother had a stroke Friday. She was admitted to 5N where we were blessed to have Dana Egner RN care for her both Saturday and Sunday. This journey has been very emotional for us. As a child, my grandmother raised my brother and me. She taught me how to write papers and is the reason I pursued a career in nursing.

On Saturday we met Dana. She was a breath of fresh air. She took the time to explain everything. At one point over the weekend, my mom and I were in the hall and Dana came over to see how we were doing. She explained her difficulties with stroke and expressed understanding with us as one of her grandparents had had a stroke. She is just patient and kind.

Dana did not do anything extraordinary, however to our family and my grandmother she is extra ordinary. She took her time to talk with us and treated my grandmother as more than a DNR. She treated her as a person. To be on the receiving end of health care is very difficult, no matter the capacity. It is such a blessing to me to have had the opportunity to have my grandmother cared for by this exceptional nurse is beyond belief.