Dana Beringhelli

Dana Beringhelli

Dana Beringhelli, BSN, RN

Morristown Medical Center
Morristown, New Jersey
United States
Dana and her fiancé lowered the man from the scooter to the casino floor. She checked and found no pulse, so she began lifesaving CPR.

Demonstration of caring and compassion is one of the marks of a great nurse.  Dana Beringhelli is just one of those nurses.  Not only is she a great nurse and an exceptional team player each day she works, but even while off duty in Atlantic City for some much-needed rest and relaxation, this nurse noticed a clinical need and never once hesitated to step in.  These efforts really made a difference and a life was spared because of her desire to assist whenever she can.   She demonstrated true PRIDE values as she noticed an older gentleman in an electric scooter seeming to look as though he was going to pass out. 

It was her commitment to Professionalism which made her get involved and she offered to assist this couple in what turned out to be a most critical situation. It was her quick thinking and accurate assessment skills that made all the difference this day-- Excellence.   As she approached the man and his wife, it became clear that the man was in trouble.  Dana quickly assessed the situation and asked the couple if they were alright-- Respect.  The wife had not yet noticed her husband was in distress and has been so very appreciative of the actions of this nurse.  She has since named her his Guardian Angel.  Dana introduced herself as a nurse; no sooner that the introduction was complete did the man go out.  Dana and her fiancé lowered the man from the scooter to the casino floor.  She checked and found no pulse, so she began lifesaving CPR.  She sent her fiancé for help—Involvement.   He came back to the scene with a security officer and an AED.  The AED advised shock and the patient was shocked.  Dana continued CPR until EMS arrived.  The man was intubated in the field and transferred to a local hospital where he was diagnosed as a Code STEMI.  He was taken to the Cath Lab and had the blockages opened.

A few weeks later the 89-year-old man was on his way home to his loving family.  The family was so impressed and thankful for the quick actions of the Morristown Nurse that they had the casino/hotel security pull the videotape to see what actually occurred with their loved one on that casino floor.  They worked with the hotel to identify and locate the nurse who saved their husband, father, grandfather, uncle and brother’s life.  Unrelenting in their quest to meet the nurse who saved their loved one, they tracked Dana down.  They sent her video recordings of him thanking her for stepping in and saving his life.  This became the start of a beautiful relationship, as she is fondly known to them as their father’s guardian angel.  In their desire to show their appreciation they invited the couple to the gentleman’s 90th birthday party because they truly believe if it had not been for the early CPR and the lifesaving efforts rendered by Dana, the gentleman would not have been here to celebrate his 90th birthday surrounded by family and friends. 

This selfless act shows just how important and life-changing the care we provide each day is, and we could not be prouder of the efforts of this MMC RN. We know that with Nurses like this responsible for providing care here at MMC, our patients are truly in great hands.