Dan Brenner
February 2020
Steen 2
Capital Health Regional Medical Center
United States




My mother was admitted to RMC in Trenton for a routine hip replacement. Between then and today (3 weeks later) she was taken back and forth between RMC and 2 outside rehabilitation facilities which I am sure anyone can attest is quite stressful and absolutely detrimental to one's healing process. In that journey, our family experienced various levels of care from many medical professionals. None of them compare to how impressive Dan Brenner was. Although he is quite knowledgeable, that is to be expected. As is his professional demeanor – one should expect such. How distinguished Dan was, he automatically knew how to meet my mother where she was and still give her extraordinary care. He knew when she was in real pain, or when she was malingering. He knew how to encourage her to move and be independent gently but firmly. He got her excited about her healing process. He explained to her all of the overwhelming, difficult to process updates on her medical journey without sounding condescending or in the least bit belittling. He was patient with our family, with a frank yet kind demeanor (sprinkled with much humor!) that genuinely put us at ease. He handles a difficult situation, and a difficult patient, with such grace and aplomb that one would assume she was his own mother. That is extraordinary nursing, and outstanding care. Dan is a phenomenal, singular asset to your hospital and I cannot thank you enough for him.