Damon Bishop

Damon Bishop, LPN

Gadsden Regional Medical Center
Gadsden, Alabama
United States
Damon connected with me by sharing his story.

Damon, I would like to say thank you for making the 12 hours you were my nurse the best. I was here because I broke my back. I was in such horrible pain. As soon as your shift started you made sure I didn't wait for anything. I didn't have to ask for ice, juice or snacks, you just made a point to bring them to me. Yes, I was suffering in my body but my spirit was lifted because of how you treated me. You are a very sweet guy. You have a bright future.

I was anxious about getting a heparin shot in my stomach. You told me your story and how you had to have them at one time in your life and how there was a way to give them so it "doesn't hurt" much and that they barely go under the skin. You told me how to inject the needle sideways then push in barely under the skin. You connected with me by sharing your story.

I was scared about my surgery and the horrible pain and you gave me words of encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.