Dalene Baumert

Dalene Baumert, RN

Intensive Care Unit
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center
Sacramento, California
United States

“Dalene gave compassion e care for many days straight to a patient and her family. The patient was a lovely young girl that was delayed and mentally much younger than her actual years. This girl was at times mentally exhausting to care for because she could become combative and impulsive at times. When she acted out, it took maturity and patience to recognize she needed limits set with kindness and compassion. This young lady had either her mother of father with her at all times.

Then during her hospital stay, her father took his own life. The sadness of the situation was overwhelming. The patient’s mother was now at the bedside 24/7. She was grieving and angry. This challenging assignment now became much more draining. It was recommended that nurses rotate through the assignment versus keep the continuity because it was so challenging and sad.

Dalene took care of this young lady from the day of her father's incident to the day the patient went home. She had a few days off, but put in many days. She was offered a change in assignment many times but declined, feeling she had made a connection and was doing the best thing for the patient and the patient's mother. Dalene was now caring for both of them, daughter and mother.

A few days before discharge, the mother was very angry and making demands for her daughters discharge. Again, Dalene did extremely well in educating and calming mom. Dalene also did extremely well focusing on the few items that needed to happen prior to discharge and made these a priority. As much as she needed a break, she insisted on following through on this case until this young girl was discharged.”