Daimi Andrade

Daimi Andrade, RN, BSN

Minor Procedure Suites
Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Miami, Florida
United States

We nominate Ms. Daimi Andrade for exemplary contribution to the morale in Minor Procedures Suite (MPS). Daimi inspires and motivates her peers everyday by being the personification of the Miami Children's Hospital way to both her colleagues, patients and families.

Ms. Andrade began her nursing career as a Care Assistant in Same Day Surgery in 2004, while simultaneously conquering the English language. In 2014, after graduating with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Ms. Andrade successfully achieved certification as a pediatric nurse (CPN). When asked if she has achieved all her dreams, her answer is "never stop reaching for your maximum potential." MPS is proud to have such a professionally driven, dedicated nurse as part of our staff.

The last time Ms. Andrade was assigned to be charge nurse, it so happened to be a very stressful and challenging day to say the least. She provided guidance to a frustrated attending with extreme calmness and exceptional leadership skills. The attending was unable to understand why we were not bringing the inpatients to our admitting area. She successfully addressed the reasoning behind his concerns allowing the physician to see the big picture. Her ability to communicate professionally to both physicians and patients/families is what is the most admirable of her leadership qualities. She was able to ensure that all cases were done, the doctor was able to leave at an appropriate time, and all the staff received their very much needed lunch breaks.

Role model, leader, team player, compassionate, reliable, responsible are just some of the characteristics that Daimi exemplifies as a motivational leader in Minor Procedure Suites. As the Chair for the Morale and Retention committee, she leads her committee in creating action plans that will improve and sustain the morale within Minor Procedure Suites. Her efforts and her committee members have truly made a positive imprint with the continuous drive for patient family satisfaction. This in turn has assisted Minor Procedure Suite in achieving and retaining high Healthstream score.

Some would argue that a leader is simply one who can macro or micro manage a certain area or team. However others would argue that a true leader is one that can recreate a certain achievement from scratch. Success at times could be a simple clashing of situations however a true leader is one who continuously exemplifies a curious mind for the sake of the bigger picture.