Dahlia Guzik
November 2015
Newborn Nursery
Capital Health
United States




Dahlia attended a birth today for a baby girl that the mother knew would die shortly after birth due to a diaphragmatic hernia and a genetic syndrome. After obtaining permission from the anesthesiologist, Dahlia placed the baby on the mother's chest skin to skin during the cesarean. She comforted the mother and the mother's cousin and watched over them until she felt confident that she could hold the baby independently. The really special part of this experience is that Dahlia sang a lovely Persian birthing song to the baby while she was with her mother. There weren't many dry eyes in the room. While the nurses and doctors were readying the patient for the Obstetrics PACU, Dahlia lovingly dressed the baby and cared for her until her mother could do it again. In the OB PACU, Dahlia comforted the patient's 6 year old son and granted his wish to hold his baby sister. This baby girl was loved, kissed, and held for her entire life and was never left alone.