Cynthia "Thia" Lawlor

Cynthia "Thia" Lawlor, RN

Medical Surgical Unit
University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie, Maryland
United States

I was having a lot of abdominal pain, my blood pressure was high, and my anxiety was through the roof.  My most recent stays were very serious.  I almost lost my life and was afraid it was happening again.  This time, however, I also have a colostomy.  I’m only 45.  Thia went out of her way to make me comfortable.  Not just with pain meds, but in my mind as well.  I was almost paralyzed with fear and in a matter of minutes, she had me feeling much better.  She didn’t have to put in the extra time with me, no one asked her to, I think she’s just such a nice person it came naturally to her.  Thia is an awesome nurse.