Cynthia Rousonelos

Cindy Rousonelos

Cynthia Rousonelos, RN

6 West Neuro Medical
Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center
Joliet, Illinois
United States

Cynthia Rousonelos is a wonderful advocate for her patients and goes above and beyond to support her peers. One weekend while she was working, Cindy partnered expertly with the case manager to create safe discharge plans for two patients who lived out of town. When leaving her shift, Cindy recognized that it was a “young crew” working that night. Prior to going to sleep, at 11:30 at night, she called the unit and spoke with the nurses to see if they were okay or if they needed any assistance. She walked one of her peers through the thought process for something going on with her patients. The next morning, she called the charge nurse and offered to come in early to help her get the next shift’s paperwork ready.  Cindy’s kindness and big heart are often noted and appreciated by all.