Cynthia Hale

Cynthia Hale, RN

4 Telemetry
St. Joseph Health Center
Youngstown, Ohio
United States

I have gotten to know this very compassionate woman and nurse, first through the many notes, emails and calls into the administration office regarding the extraordinary care she has given to patients and their families. These individuals, who call insist, that administration be aware of this nurse who goes out of her way to give outstanding care. The more calls that came in perked my interest as to, who was this person that was bringing the mission and core values to the fullest of life for our patients and their families?
Little did I realize that I had actually observed this nurse several times before from a distance, I had opportunity to observe her teaching her patients about their disease entity and was so patience and kind. She would often repeat the learning when the patient and/or family did not catch on or lacked understanding without appearing hurried or irritated.
One particular time it was apparent the patient was frustrated attempting to learn his medications but this nurse continued to work with him and before long they together were sharing in laughter about the confusion he had and now had been resolved. It was a joy to watch her quiet, gentle spirit steal his heart and ease his fears. In his anxiety this nurse could have stopped and left it for another person but she read this person like a well loved book and knew how to continue with gentleness and kindness but also with professional knowledge and experience despite her youth as a nurse. It is apparent that her lived knowledge and experience serves her well.
I have also seen and heard at times, her answering patient call bells that were not her area or designated patients with the famous response only she gives with the most beautiful and sheepish smile, "may I help you." Many patients have told me that they never once heard her say, "You are not mine and I will get someone for you" but she always will "say how may I help you?" These individuals relay that she always seems eager to assist anyone that is in need. My own experience and observation of this nurse has proven this to be true. She consistently exhibit values-based behaviors. She refrains from “we/they” terms and promote team “us” concepts in conversations.
She truly has a passion for people particularly in the ways she gathers facts and challenges practices for the good of our employees, patients and families.
There was a new procedure being done on one of her patients and the doctor explained this procedure to the patient and family yet there was still a lack of knowledge and understanding. This nurse went home that night and did research about the procedure and the next day came in and re-educated the patient regarding what would happen to him that day. This was amazing to him and the family. She would think of them on her own time and use energy to promote their needs.