Cynthia Bowles

Cynthia Bowles

Cynthia Bowles, RN

Lake West Women's Health Center
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, Texas
United States

Cindy is the definition of integrity. She is always concerned with doing the right thing, every time, for every patient. She is trustworthy, authentic, and honest. She is certainly devoted, not only to her patients, but to Parkland for 26 years. I have known Cindy for all of those years and her devotion, compassion, and attitude have never wavered.

Cindy treats all patients and staff the same. She is respectful to everyone and is admired and loved by everyone. She is kind, sweet, and so helpful to everyone. She is so quiet and humble. She goes about her business and day without notice. She never has a negative thing to say about anything or anybody. I wish I could clone her professionalism!

Cindy's role is collaborative. She and one other RN in the clinic follow up on all chart checks, all MyChart messages, ensures that referrals are obtained and followed up on. She also works with the grants through the federal and state levels to ensure paperwork and appointments are timely in order for the patients to have financial coverage.

Cindy demonstrates leadership daily in her actions. She is very particular about ensuring that things are done by protocol or guidelines and questions things that do not seem correct. I appreciate this about Cindy, as this protects and advocates for the patient, the clinic, and Parkland.

Cindy defines excellence! She is very thorough and obsessive compulsive about her work. I sometimes feel bad when something is bothering her about work because she worries about it at home. She also has gone home before, reflected on her day, and then called me to tell me about something she forgot to do or something she is wondering about...nothing that would bother anyone else, but it bothered Cindy.

Cindy is very conscientious about charges and orders and ensuring that everything matches up. She reminds providers and unit techs if charges are entered incorrectly or if something was missed. She has caught several errors with EPIC in capturing charges and brought it to the manager's attention to be corrected.

Cindy is most definitely deserving of the DAISY award because she is just a kind spirit. People feel better just being around her. She never has a bad thing to say, never gets upset or has a bad attitude, and she genuinely comes to work everyday because she loves nursing and loves what she does. She has had numerous positive comments on the Press Ganey patient satisfaction comments and from our internal questionnaire. Though quiet, Cindy is a go-getter and often has a solution for any problem that arises. She contributes ideas for clinic and patient care improvements on a regular basis, and most importantly, she is always a patient advocate.