Cyndy Starkey

Cyndy Starkey, RN

Birthing Center
OSF St. Joseph Medical Center
Bloomington, Illinois
United States

Cyndy admited me for induction of labor on the 12th of Aug. She was very friendly and went out of her way to make sure i was comfortable and receiving all the information I needed. Even though this was my 3rd baby, she treated me as a new mom which was very comforting because it is always a different experience with each baby. She was with me for 12 hrs and always kept me informed of the progression and options. I ended up with a c-section after her shift had ended, but I was very happy with my labor experience thanks to her care and support. She came to visit with me on Fri to follow up on how delivery went and she was the nursery nurse that day for my son. She still checked on me throughout the day. It really meant a lot to me to see that she did sincerely care about my birth experience. This was my 3rd birth at OSF SJMC, and the most unplanned outcome via c-section, but it has been the best nursing care out of the 3 visits. Thanks to all of the nurses, but especially Cyndy