Cyndi Davis

Cyndi Davis, RN

St. Elizabeth Healthcare (KY)
Edgewood, Kentucky
United States

My father-in-law passed away early last Monday morning. He had small cell lung cancer and ultimately went into renal failure.

He was admitted with confusion and dehydration Friday night. His death was very unexpected, apparently the kidneys must have just failed, maybe due to the chemo. He had been doing relatively well, although we had learned the tumor had grown. Cyndi cared for him Sunday and realized how quickly he was deteriorating. By the time I got there in the early afternoon, my mother-in-law, husband, and brother-in-law decided they did not want dialysis and further testing be done, as was presented to them by the oncologist and nephrologist. Cyndi called the oncologist, got a DNR order, comfort measures, and hospice evaluation. The eval was completed that afternoon, but unfortunately he did not make it there. He passed away early next morning.

I know that many people know me and the position I have in Staff Development, but I truly feel that they would have provided this care to anyone. We are devastated over his sudden, untimely loss, but find comfort knowing he was comfortable and well cared for during his final hours with us. Our family thanks you so much.