CVOR Team at Mercy Iowa City


CVOR Team at Mercy Iowa City

Mercy Iowa City
Iowa City, Iowa
United States
Dan Hall, Madolynn Lemburg, Carolyn Weiss and Andrea Hahn

Favorable outcomes in cardiac surgery are in large part determined by the presence of a dedicated, highly skilled surgical team. For the past eleven plus years, it has been my privilege to work with just such a team. The Mercy CVOR team truly functions as a single entity.

Dan, Carolyn, Maddie, and Andrea are always attentive to the needs of the patients and their families, at what is arguably the most vulnerable time in their lives. I watch the members of the team interact with the patients and they are always thoughtful, caring and compassionate no matter the circumstance. Families are well informed and treated with infinite patience and respect. During my family visits following a case, family members invariably comment about how the nurses took the time to explain what is happening in the operating room, and patiently answered questions about the care provided.

The development of a routine in an operating room environment is considered an expectation. The true test of a surgical team takes place when an emergency arises or an untoward intraoperative event develops. The Mercy CVOR team always rises to the occasion. They respond without hesitation, focus on the task at hand and do so wholeheartedly. On the rare occasion when we are summoned to perform an emergent, after-hours operation, these nurses eagerly appear as if by magic. They all have families, live a considerable distance from the hospital, take as much call as most physicians and yet gladly, and without hesitation, respond to patients in dire need of their care. When such events occur on short notice these nurses are committed to a high pressure, hours long event and yet over the past eleven years, I have never heard so much as a single word to suggest that such instances are an imposition on their time. Such a mindset speaks volumes about their dedication and commitment to patients who entrust the providers at Mercy Hospital with their healthcare needs.

It is a pleasure and an honor for me to able to work side by side with such a talented, enthusiastic and caring group of individuals. They are all consummate team players and the health and well-being of our patients are in large part attributable to their presence.