April 2017
at St. John Hospital and Medical Center
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
St. John Hospital and Medical Center
United States




I recently experienced two amazing individuals within the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. Jackie and Jim both provided extraordinary care to my sister.

My sister was rushed to the ER as she went into Cardiac Arrest. Her heart was stopped for almost 25 minutes before the ER team was able to revive her. After being moved up to CVICU, the care was sincere. My sister suffered from a disease known as drug addiction. For many, that isn’t something they like to embrace or discuss. My sister had been transported in the past for drug overdose and her experience has always been negative.  I was on guard thinking that I needed to be patient and work through this difficult situation as her advocate.  However, I was very much surprised at the amazing care and non-judgmental treatment that my sister received from Jackie and Jim. At this juncture, I knew first hand that brain damage was inevitable. The nurses answered any questions we had to the best of their knowledge and in accordance with test results that were performed.

Jim was the first nurse that I met on the day shift. He never left her side and if he did it was because he needed to get supplies or meds. He talked with me several times about the possible outcomes and what exactly they were doing to treat her and keep her comfortable. I was extremely emotional and he sat down and took time to comfort me and meet me where I was at that time. He did everything with a compassionate and empathetic heart. Thank you, Jim.

Jackie was the most amazing nurse that I have ever experienced in my life. Jackie was with us for 2 days. She hugged me when I was sad and emotional as I knew there wasn’t any real hope. She answered me on my level, as I said please don’t sugar coat anything. I needed reassurance that having the life support removed from my sister was the only thing left to do to see if she would make it. The EEG showed severe brain damage. There wasn’t any hope but having my anxiety met with the answers and experience from Jackie helped me in the end. Jackie was there when I prayed for my sister. She said it was the most beautiful prayer that she heard. She supported our family and friends and Pastor with not only her bedside manner with my sister but made sure we as a family had water, coffee, and cookies. Her unique way of comforting me in a time where there wasn’t any hope will live in my heart forever. She definitely connected with me and my family. When my sister was moved into the Hospice Unit Jackie made sure that the transition went smoothly. She again offered her sincere sympathy and reassured us that we were in good hands. My sister passed after only being there shy of 2 hours. I made sure that I went back to CVICU to share the news with Jackie and Jim. They both hugged me and shared that they were sorry.

I recognize their amazing care, talent, and education throughout these few days, and how this unit worked together as a wonderful team helping each other with their patients. They definitely exemplify the mission, vision, and values of St. John Hospital not only as employees but as compassionate, caring and loving individuals for families. To them, I will be forever grateful, along with the entire nursing team with CVICU. Thanks so much.

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Jackie Stankowski, RN

Jim Morrison, RN