Crystal Skulimoski

Crystal Skulimoski

Crystal Skulimoski, RN, BSN

Emergency Department
Winter Haven Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States
Crystal may have started off helping a co-worker but she ended up possibly saving a life!

Last night, transport brought a patient to the ED; he had been a patient here with us three days ago.  He was now being discharged and had lost his belongings.  After doing some research I located his belongings in the Decon Room located outside the ED. I asked Crystal to come with me outside because it was super dark.  With no hesitation, she came out back with me to help me locate the items.  The patient had many garbage bags and other items and after talking with him, we discovered he was homeless.  He wanted to go through all his things in the Ambulance Bay.  We explained to the patient that it was not safe and that we would help him transport all his things to a safe location. 

At that very moment a vehicle pulled up into the Ambulance Bay, the driver appeared to be lost. Crystal immediately stopped the vehicle only to find a woman in serious need of medical care. She stated that she had slammed her hand in the car door and she had blood running down her arm. While trying to assist her, the lady lost control of her vehicle and the truck began to roll down the hill with the lady half in and half out. Crystal quickly took control of the vehicle getting the lady out safely and securing the truck. I assisted the lady to registration and the patient to the front of the ED. Crystal drove the lady's truck to the front parking lot and brought in all her belongings. The lady was so grateful to Crystal for all her help.

I was so proud at that moment for Crystal's help.  Even though it was at the end of our shift, she never thought twice about helping me.  She may have started off helping a co-worker but she ended up possibly saving a life!


There was a rapid response on the floor and ED was responsible for the response, so Crystal went. About 30 minutes later, a code blue was called on the same patient; again Crystal responded. There were plenty of ICU nurses and help there, so Crystal stepped back. In doing so, she noticed a family member still standing in the area and no one was communicating with him what was going on. He was very distraught and she recognized him from being in the patient’s room previously. She started to explain to him what was going on and listened to his concerns. She asked him if he needed to be assisted to the waiting area or if he wanted to stay. He insisted on staying and she continued to keep him updated and calm. He indicated to her in their conversations that he was going to get very upset if his family member passed and that security might want to be called.

Crystal handled the situation with professionalism and compassion. She calmly stepped away while asking the chaplain to speak with the family.  She called security and they came to stand by in case of any disturbances. She then went back and was with the family. It was so nice to see her jump into whatever role was needed with no hesitation.

Crystal is an excellent nurse and I am so glad she came to join the ED team. I can always count on Crystal to do what is right and to show compassion and professionalism.

Note: This is Chrystal's third DAISY Award!