Crystal LeVan

Crystal LeVan

Crystal LeVan, RN

Davis Regional Medical Center
Statesville, North Carolina
United States
Crystal always wants the best outcomes to promote quality of life. She cares for the entire patient, body, mind, and spirit.

Crystal LeVan is everything that you imagine when you think of how a nurse should be.  She is a compassionate gentle soul who truly cares about what is happening to her patients.  Many times I have witnessed her compassion and empathy when the situation is not going as we would like for a family member.   She makes the patient and the families feel as if they are the only ones that matter even though she may be needed in other areas.  If you are lucky enough to have her as your nurse, you do not have to worry about being kept informed.  She provides education to both the family and the patient alike guaranteeing that all questions are answered to the best of her ability.  Also, if she does not know the answer she finds someone who does.

She is a true patient advocate.  I have seen her in action when something is outside of ethical standards, requesting reviews from the ethics committee.  She always wants the best outcomes to promote quality of life.  She cares for the entire patient, body, mind, and spirit.  Her smile, quick wit and laugh totally put patients and families at ease.

She is a role model for new nurses coming into the profession.  She is frequently used as a preceptor.  She exhibits critical thinking skills that help her make tough decisions based on situations.  She is not afraid to question a physician in a professional manner to make sure that all parties are on the same wavelength and have the same goals in mind.  She is frequently noticed collaborating with other staff members to gain insight into situations that arise.  All of the staff know that Crystal has your back no matter what dilemma arises.  She goes above and beyond to ensure that all staff has a good day and that no one drowns.  She is truly a team player.

Crystal is constantly striving to improve herself and the unit.  She is now pursuing a higher education and is actively pursuing her BSN.  She is doing this while maintaining a full-time work status and balancing being married with three small children at home.  If I need to make changes to the schedule she is one of the first to volunteer to ensure that the unit is staffed.   Her flexibility and focus on the unit and hospital as a whole do not go unnoticed.  She is frequently mentioned by patients on hospital surveys and by physicians as one of the top nurses in the ICU.  Physicians want her caring for their sickest patients due to her knowledge base and the trust that they have in her.

I could go on for days when speaking about Crystal.  I am proud to have her on my team.  I do not worry when she is here because I know that our patients will be cared for as if they were her family.  She is truly an amazing nurse who demonstrates compassion, caring attitude, and enthusiasm for nursing.   She is a true DAISY Nurse.