Crystal Byers

Crystal Byers

Crystal Byers, RN

Levine Cancer Institute - Lincoln Infusion
Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln
Lincolnton, North Carolina
United States
Crystal asked her fellow nurses if they would cover her remaining patients, so she could drive and meet S at her home to help her.

Crystal Byers has been a longstanding nurse at CHS Lincoln. She originated in PACU then transferred to Critical Care. She was then recommended to the Infusion Center to obtain improved hours for her growing family of young children. She was spoken very highly of for her attention to detail for critical patients, extensive and detailed charting, and overall commitment to patients and the organization. Crystal began to train in infusion and work on a PRN basis. As her children grew older she began working a more consistent schedule, even picking up extra hours when the need arose.

On recent encounters with patient S, Crystal made it her mission to care for her, love on her, and make sure she was a top priority when she came to the infusion center. Crystal, only working 2-3 days a week would greet S in the waiting room, bringing her back to her specific chair or later in her treatment her designated bed. Crystal immediately, with her bubbly and friendly voice, would welcome S as she did every day she came in. She would consistently ask how S was feeling and interact with her in a manner of not being a palliative care "end of life" patient.

Crystal built a connection with her and it was evident in the amount of time (minutes-hours) she would stand in her pod and chat with her about life or sit down in the chair beside her as support and company. As S was transitioned from obtaining chemotherapy to only getting weekly fluids, it was more transparent her time in infusion was coming to an end and Crystal was tremendously heartbroken as she had cared for S such a long period of time.

Crystal had reserved S a private room in infusion for her fluids but knew she was increasingly weak and declining and needed assistance getting into bed this day. Upon wrapping up her treatment and preparing for her departure, Crystal stated, "She's not going to be able to get in her house and get to bed." Crystal asked her fellow nurses if they would cover her remaining patients, so she could drive and meet S at her home to help her get in the house and in the bed. They agreed. Crystal and another nurse went to S's home so she would be safe and comfortable.

Crystal arrived back to work describing how this made her feel and how heartbroken she was to see her patient in this state. Crystal is a passionate nurse who truly cares for patients beyond the four walls of infusion. She connects with them on social media and provides patients and families her personal phone number. We are so blessed to have her as a part of our team.