Crista Henry

Crista Henry, RN

Progressive Care and Neuro Sciences
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
Vancouver, Washington
United States

Crista is an RN on the Progressive Care Unit at Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, WA. Recently, we had a patient on her unit that prior to admission to the hospital had been living in her car with her dog. The patient needed to stay in the hospital for a few days and was very concerned about her dog. Crista, an animal lover herself, offered to take the dog home and care for it until the patient was released from the hospital. At first the patient was hesitant and unsure if that would be ok. Crista told her if she changed her mind just to call her at her home and she would come and get the dog. The patient did change her mind and called Crista. Without hesitation Crista came and got the dog. She took the dog home gave it a bath and cared for it until the patient was discharged from the hospital. When the call came that the patient was leaving, Crista packed up the dog and brought it back to the owner. Crista always steps up to help others this is just on example. Her compassion for others is at the highest level. She is a great example of a DAISY Nurse!