The COVID-19 Response Team
August 2020
The COVID-19 Response Team
at OASIS Hospital
OASIS Hospital
United States
Latoya Young, RN Senior Director of Inpatient Services;
Lisa Worden, RN;
Tara Williams, RN;
Stephanie Perez, RN;
Lorraine Fitzgerald, RN;
Vanessa Esparza, RN;
Alisa Hartman, RN;
Maureen Wedepohl, RN;
Jacki Crites, RN Director of Surgical Services;
Damita Alexander, Business Office Supervisor;
Breanna Gonzales, Admissions Associate;
Jannete Olea, Admissions Associate;
Justin Schultz, Lab Manager;
Kirk Lenski, Medical Technologist;
Susan Hiyama, RN Manager Regulatory Operations;
Maurice Croteau, Director of Hospitality;
Jesse Murphy, Housekeeping Manager




Navigating the healthcare environment during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, personally, and professionally, for our team members. As the states began to reopen, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issued an Executive Order calling on hospitals to implement a "robust preoperative COVID-19 patient testing plan, prior to the resumption of elective, non-essential surgeries."

The development of this plan was essential to our being able to meet the needs of the community we serve.

A multidisciplinary team comprised of: nursing, preadmission testing, patient admissions, laboratory services, infection prevention, and hospitality services led by Latoya Young, RN Senior Director of Inpatient Services, and the frontline staff of the inpatient and perioperative services departments, answered the call.

Within 2 business days of this executive order, Latoya and the team mobilized to build a patient testing workflow including site selection, establishing a staffing model, creation of screening forms, and the development of procedural competencies.

To date, we have tested nearly 1,000 patients. “COVID Corner” as the Team has affectionately nicknamed it has provided an avenue for our patients to receive the orthopedic surgical care they need.