Courtney Turner

Courtney Turner

Courtney Turner, RN-BC, BSN

2K Med Surg
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
United States
Having someone to listen to me share these memories is what I really needed during this difficult time.

Courtney is an angel of mercy. She has a caring and loving personality. She took great care of me and helped me get cleaned up after having loose bowel movements. What made Courtney stand out is that she took the time to really get to know me. I had great conversations with Courtney when she was in my room. She listened as I reminisced about my childhood, my marriage and then divorce, my children, my faith and my current relationship. She was not judgmental in any way. She listened to my stories about learning to dance with my mother for my sister's wedding. Having someone to listen to me share these memories is what I really needed during this difficult time. When she came into my room, it was like a miracle entered the room. I know she was busy, but she was never too busy to care for me. She has a loving, caring, pure soul.

When I was sharing stories about my life and my life with W, she asked about our Valentine's Day traditions since Valentine's Day was approaching. I shared some of the gifts and celebrations we shared in years' past. She then asked if I had a gift for W this year. I had not gotten him anything since I have been sick. Later she came in my room with her hands behind her back with a gift from the gift shop. Since I could not go shopping, she went and got a Valentine's gift for me to give to W. This meant so much to me. However, she had another surprise. She also had a gift for me. She knew that my faith was very important to me. She purchased a sign to sit on my windowsill that read, "Have Faith, Pray Big!" Courtney is truly amazing and she definitely went above and beyond to make me feel special. There are no words to truly describe how these acts of loving compassion made me feel during this difficult time. I was treated with respect when she was my nurse.

I will be coming back for chemotherapy in a few weeks and I told Courtney I would like to make a reservation to have her be my nurse during this stay.