Courtney Chero

Courtney Chero, RN

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
United States

A four-year-old came into the Pediatric ER nervous to take off the Band-Aid on her nose. She had a laceration across her nose and just below her eye. I started the procedure by administering intranasal versed to help the patient relax. Next, two doctors entered the room to begin setting up for the repair. In order to distract the patient, I began talking to the patient about the stickers on my name tag pointing to Dora the Explorer, the patient said “you look like her, and then I asked her “who does your mom look like?” Next, I said, “what about the doctor?” Nodding and pointing to Cinderella with a huge smile on her face, the patient was distracted from the resident pulling up lidocaine. Lastly, the second doctor assumed the role Dr. Prince Charming.

Now it was time for the laceration repair together we laid the patient back and covered her eyes throughout the procedure, the patient was confused and asking who was touching her and holding her down. We all continued to play our roles saying “it’s Dr. Cinderella”. The mother of the patient was so thankful for our patient-specific care and aiding in a successful procedure. The mother said “I love ya’ll right now; ya’ll is awesome”