Cory Braxton

Cory Braxton

Cory Braxton, LVN

Arlington Campus - Mental Health
Riverside County Regional Medical Center
Moreno Valley, California
United States

In an acute psychiatric nursing setting like ETS, most nurses are confronted with a vast array of emotional pain from their patients. These patients are incapable of processing this pain on their own. Usually, they present with vary degrees of depression, anxiety, helplessness, fear, guilt, shame, anger by projecting their feelings, manipulation, withdrawal, denial, hostility, violence, and mania. Good interpersonal connection between the patient and the nurse is a strong component in the patient's healing process. Thus, it takes a very special nurse with extreme patience, compassion and resilience to show up for their patient day after day despite the risk of energy depletion or imbalance from the exposure to patient's raw emotional pain. I am honored to acknowledge Cory as one of these special nurses.

Cory offers encouragement to his patients; he is present both physically and emotionally, he sits with them, he listens to them, he offers them food, drinks and toiletries and encourages them to groom before they even ask. As a charge nurse, I feel confident that the patients feel safe when Cory is on the floor.

His ability to engage with his patients, while validating and supporting them, makes them feel acknowledged. He is respectful of their individuality throughout his interaction and seems to keep the perfect balance between being professional and human.

Thanks to his critical thinking skills and good judgment, he is quick to assess the patients for any change in condition and intervenes early to prevent further deterioration in their mental state. He collaborates with the rest of the team to ensure that patients' needs are met timely. He has been a co-instructor for the Management of Assaultive Behavior course for over 10 years. His passion and pride is undeniable. As an MAB instructor, he never ceases to entertain us with new stories, which helps make the class engaging, funny and yet informative. On the floor as a nurse, he thrives to walk the walk of his talk in the classroom. What humbles me the most is that despite the unpredictability, demands, and acuity of the unit, Cory makes an effort to provide a patient centered care that enables positive patient outcome and the overall safety of the unit.

It is a privilege to work with Cory and I'm thankful to have witnessed his continued contribution to a climate of therapeutic optimism for our patients.