Cory Alsept

Cory Alsept, RN

Neuro ICU
Miami Valley Hospital

Cory Alsept is newer to the Neuro ICU but his patients and their families would never know this to be true. Recently Cory cared for a patient on the Neuro ICU who had acute neuro changes. Cory acted quickly and appropriately to notify the physician and get the patient the care he needed. He continued to care for this patient several times during his stay with us. The patient did not have a positive outcome. The patient’s family had nothing but praise for Cory and all he did for both the patient and his family. Cory cared for this patient the day he passed and allowed the patient to be comfortable and at peace. He helped the family through the process.

Cory is great at what he does and MVH is lucky to have someone who is willing to go above and beyond without question.

This nomination is from the patient’s wife:

Cory is an exceptional nurse. My husband almost died three times prior to his death and it was Cory’s quick response, training and professionalism that saved him. Cory was his nurse the day he died. Cory made sure he did not suffer and made his death extremely peaceful. Most important for the family, he helped us (my daughter and me). With his knowledge and compassion, he explained every step my husband was going through up to his last breath. Cory’s skills of compassion, attention to detail and professionalism are outstanding. Thank you Cory, for making a difference and helping us through a very difficult time.