Cortni Kossmeyer

Cortni Kossmeyer

Cortni Kossmeyer, RN

Heart Center
St. Louis Children's Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri
United States
Cortni made a huge difference for this family and child.

We have a very long term patient who is 4-years-old in the Heart Center, waiting for a heart transplant. He has been hospitalized months on the step-down side of the Heart Center. His family asked to go on an approved outing to lift his spirits by going to the zoo with his siblings. The only way he would be able to go is if a HC nurse volunteered to go with them due to being on milrinone and TPN/IL. Cortni did not hesitate to respond to my email request for a volunteer. I was so impressed that Cortni took time from her weekend after having worked several night shifts in a row to make going to the zoo a reality for this family.

Cortni made a huge difference for this family and child. He came back from this outing so happy and totally refreshed. Seeing him return so happy proved that having a lengthy hospitalization for a child can be difficult not only physically but also mentally.

I truly believe this outing gave this patient more time as he waits for his new heart by keeping his mind healthy. If it wasn’t for Cortni, he would not have been able to go to the zoo.