Corine Johnson

Corine Johnson, RN, BSN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Cori has worked as an RN2 at UWMC since 2003. On the Rehab unit this past year, she has excelled in the role of “Flex RN”, helping with patient admissions, procedures and all other nursing care needed by patients and families. As charge nurse, Cori shows the true DAISY Nurse characteristics of focusing on the patient and family, providing great team support to her co-workers and acting as a role model. She is calm, flexible and pulls the team together during challenging times to stay positive and focused on the patients. The PCTs say that Cori is especially good at giving them great information and the details of exactly what they can do to assist each patient and family. Patients and families comment, “Cori is an excellent nurse! When I’m here with her, I’m right where I’m supposed to be!” We are pleased to nominate Cori as the Inpatient Rehab Unit DAISY Award winner.