Corazon Gemarino

Coy Gemarino

Corazon Gemarino, BSN, RN, CCRN

CHRISTUS Health Southeast Texas
Beaumont, Texas
United States

I was kind of at the end of the list so I had to wait my turn in pre-op holding. I was there quite a while and cannot say enough about the nurse who took care of me throughout my stay, and up to the point of wheeling me to my car and giving me last big sweet hugs and words of encouragement, Coy Gemarino. Because of my back problems, it was difficult to get me comfortable! Coy went above and beyond in giving me excellent care and showing compassion and understanding. Any and everything she could do for my comfort she did, from warm blankets to neck rolls and other measures to get me comfortably situated. Although I did not get the results I hoped for, my thanks to all the nurses for what CHRISTUS is known for, excellent care!