Corazon Calub

Coco Calub

Corazon Calub, RN

Medical Center Health System
Odessa, Texas
United States

What really sets Nurse Coco in postpartum apart is her care. I never had to press my call button once. She constantly came to check on me, making sure my postpartum pad was clean. If it was not clean, she would get a warm rag to clean me up. She changed it many times. That is a dirty job, but she never once made me feel uncomfortable, and she always had a smile on her face. Her kindness and care are things I will never forget. She constantly checked on me, asking me if I was in pain; and she did everything she could to make me feel right at home. Because of her exceptional care, I would recommend to my friends that they have their babies at MCH. This was my sixth child. I've had many nurses take care of me over the years, but I will never forget Nurse Coco and the love she showed me while at MCH.