Connie Currence

Connie Currence, RN

Radiation Oncology
Camden Clark Medical Center
Parkersburg, West Virginia
United States

When I heard about this award I immediately thought of my co-worker. She and I work with cancer patients daily and she consistently shows a caring and compassionate demeanor with all she comes in contact with. She repeatedly, on a daily basis, is a strong patient advocate, thorough teacher, and provides warm hugs, and a shoulder to cry on for all of our patients. She is an excellent listener and is in tune to all of our patient’s needs. There is not any one particular incident I can think of that would show the outstanding personality and caring nature she has because she exemplifies this consistently with all people, doctors, family members, everyone! She is a great team player and everyone in the department respects not only her vast clinical knowledge but the kindness and caring she shows to all of us. She is frequently given gifts by our patients on their last day of treatment because they love her so much. They view her as not only their nurse, but their close friend and confidant. I cannot think of anyone more caring than her nor more deserving of this award.