Connie Banks

Connie Banks

Connie Banks, RN

SICU (surgical intensive care unit)
Saint Joseph Hospital - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

My sister-in-law T was battling cancer was in the ICU South unit. T has 3 daughters, 30 and under. Connie was the most compassionate person I have seen. She was gentle, always polite, courteous, and always explained what was going on or what she was doing to their Mother, especially in the last few hours of T's life. She gave these girls and our family all the time we needed, we never felt one time that we were rushed or in the way, even after T passed. She was simply amazing.

When I left last night I had never once thought of the emotions that these nurses go through. I thanked Connie by holding my hand out, she came from behind the desk and hugged me and said she knew T was loved so much and could see that T was an amazing woman, which she was. Connie was busy, but she was never was too busy. She could have just shook my hand and not taken the time to walk from behind the desk and stand and talk. She took the time. I appreciate her so much and I could see the pain she had for those 3 young lady's (T's daughters) as she talked to them.

Connie is a blessing to families and to your hospital. You are very lucky to have her as we were very lucky to have her as T's nurse!