Coleen Bote

Coleen Bote

Coleen Bote, RN

UC Irvine Medical Center
Orange, California
United States

Coleen has carried this principle over the years 'Never about me, always about patients.' Coleen is a fearless leader on night shift whose passion is to care and to serve others. It is a commitment she delivers without a fail. Coleen speaks with fervor, with blatant sincerity, and with a contrite heart; very inspiring to others who hear! The level of professionalism, as she demonstrates every time she pacifies a patient complaint, is soothing to the soul.

Mr. O. said, "She is an excellent nurse!" when I saw him walking down the hallway. A father of a mentally challenged patient mentioned how grateful he was with the quality of care they received on Coleen's unit. I was particularly touched when he related this story about his son. His son (N.H.) was about to be discharged when Coleen and her colleague brought a Disney character balloon named Olaf (his favorite) as a surprise! N.H. got the chance to enjoy it that night until the unexpected happened. He had to be transferred to ICU wherein he deteriorated very quickly. A decision to let him go to be at peace and eternally pain-free was rendered painfully and with emotion. Of note, Coleen, in every opportunity she can, visits patients transferred to ICU just to be with them for support.

As another example, Mrs. M. was convinced not to come to UCI anymore believing she was just buying time. That morning, she had a change of heart after Coleen had a talk with her. However the conversation went between the patient & this nurse, it must have been very reassuring. Coleen's message of hope for all oncology patients resonates; making ripples - one after the other. Compassion, as I discovered each day from nurses like Coleen, can NEVER be divided - it only multiplies! Coleen magnifies the language of service so simply, bringing it into a different dimension. As I write this nomination on Thanksgiving Day, I thank Coleen for being an asset to this institution and a blessing to other people. It is time for her to be recognized!