Claudia Speer

Claudia Speer

Claudia Speer, RN

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Sugar Land, Texas
United States

Upon awakening from my procedure, I was in pain and immediately given a mild sedative. Claudia came in right away and checked on me. I told her about certain difficulties I often have. She was very attentive and caring. Once she understood the health symptoms that I often face, she immediately began offering ways to assist and comfort me and also gave me recommendations of what I could do to alleviate my pain, once at home. She explained to me the process of the procedure I had undergone and why I was feeling the way I was. Although she attended to other duties, she very frequently came back into my room to check on me and inquire of how she could be of assistance to me. She repeatedly explained to me the process of my procedure and why I was feeling the way I was, and what I should do to alleviate the pain.

It may sound a bit redundant, but to a person feeling ill and groggy, I needed all the coaching I could get. I have no striking qualities and could have easily been considered just another patient, but her care and kindness made me feel as if I was the only patient in recovery. Her bedside manor was very caring, attentive and extremely helpful. Her peppy demeanor was very cheerful to me in light of my circumstance, and her explanations of what was happening, what to expect next and what I could do to help myself, gave me peace of mind that all would be well.

Therefore I hope you will consider my nomination for the DAISY Award and properly thank Claudia for doing more than just her job, but for graciously exemplifying human kindness.