Claudia Barron

Claudia Barron

Claudia Barron, RN

CHRISTUS Inpatient Rehabilitation Center
CHRISTUS Health Shreveport-Bossier
Shreveport, Louisiana
United States

Claudia always has a positive attitude no matter if the day is good or bad. She always goes the extra mile to help other nurses and especially the techs. I have seen Claudia help out with baths, change diapers, clean up spills and much more and she never complains.


During patient rounding, we hear her name mentioned often. In the past 7 months, her name was specifically mentioned nine times in rounding. Comments include “excellent nurse”. She “takes her time and explains things”. She is “kind and compassionate”. She is “always smiling”.  “Caring and encouraging” as well as having a “positive and supportive approach”.  One patient described her as “sweet and gentle” and that she “radiates kindness”.