Clarita Delrosario

Clarita Delrosario

Clarita Delrosario, RN

4 South
Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco Medical Center
South San Francisco, California
United States

Clarita has been with Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco for 12 years and works on the 4 South Nursing Unit. From her nominating letter: Clarita has a way about her; a subtle way of opening up her heart and providing the patients and their families with the love and spirit of caring. She can walk into a room full of chaos and her presence is like a warm blanket embracing these people, giving them the compassion and caring they need. The following is one example of how Clarita exhibits her caring.

She embodied compassion and empathy while providing reassurance to an elderly couple, who were distressed during discharge. At the beginning of the evening shift, an elderly gentleman approached the nursing station and verbalized his concerns about his ability to pay his wife’s discharge bill. Clarita did not redirect him but stepped in, realizing he needed help at that moment. Within a few minutes, I watched the worried look on the gentleman's face turn into relief and peace, including a big smile and thanking Clarita several times. Several staff witnessed this positive interchange; and I reminded Clarita “you are a daisy among us”. She humbly smiled and went about her evening shift duties. She simply creates a caring environment for everyone.

After receiving the award, Clarita said she believes in treating patients as if “they were part of my family and I don’t think of them as patients”—it definitely shows!