Clara Kiedrowski

Clara Kiedrowski

Clara Kiedrowski, BSN, RN

Renal/Organ Transplant
The University of Kansas Health System
Kansas City, Kansas
United States
I found myself so thankful throughout the day because of Clara.

The role that a nurse plays is so important to the care of a patient and the patient’s family.  We were blessed with so many wonderful nurses at KU Med, but I wanted to especially recognize one who was so incredible, so encouraging, so attentive, and so precious to my father-in-law. 

Clara Kiedrowski’s smile would light up the room.  We felt secure because of her care and compassion.  It is so difficult when a loved one is going through a difficult surgery, with a long road ahead filled with uncertainty and trials.  Our faith is the first thing we lean on, but our prayers contain the hope that we will have help along the way.  I feel that one of our prayers were answered when Clara walked into the room.  We could relax and feel secure because of her confidence and assurance that all was being done to make things better.  When anything needed to be done, she was there.  When she said she would be back in 10 minutes, she was there. 

I found myself so thankful throughout the day because of Clara; my father-in-law, my wife, and rest of the family felt the same way as I did.  I am not sure if nurses realize how important they really are.  What a difference they can make to a patient and a family.  What a gift they have and what a gift they truly are.  We were truly blessed when Clara was assigned to care for him.  I hope she can be recognized for how wonderful she is, and for the incredible job she has done.