Cindy Zamorski

Cindy Zamorski, RN

Women & Infant Care
Aurora Lakeland Medical Center
Kenosha, Wisconsin
United States

The reason I want to have Cindy Zamorski recognized is because of the ordeal I went through after I delivered my daughter on May 5th 2010. Just hours after I delivered her I started to postpartum hemorrhage. I am thankful for the fact that Cindy was my nurse for many reasons, her love, caring, kindness, and patience, not only with me but with my 3 other children and my family during this horrifying ordeal. The way she was so calm when things were so bad and blood was literally poring on the floor and the bed and in the bathroom. She held me and touched my hand and looked me straight in the eyes and told me everything was going to be ok. That she was going to take good care of me. She also said she will not let anything happen to me. The patience she had when I was screaming in pain and fear and asking her if I was going to die….

The softness in her voice stayed so soft and calm throughout the situation and she didn’t show any signs of frustration or that she was scared or that I was not going to make it. She remained her quiet, loving self and for that I am truly thankful. Between her and Dr. Kate they helped me, they stopped the bleeding, remained calm and collective and did their jobs in the utmost respective way possible. Cindy and Dr. Kate saved my life and saved my children from losing their mother that scary day.

Cindy then came in the following day on her day off (May 6th) to check in on me. I had expressed to Cindy that the touch of her hand on mine, the eye contact and the softness of her voice is what kept me calm and collected through the scary, horrifying ordeal that I and my family had to go through. After crying together and thanking her over and over again I wanted her to know that the love she shows to her patients and the gentle touch form her hand to mine is what got me through. If I would have had a sense of things barely under control or seen fear in her face I know that the outcome of this would have been different but because of her professionalism and love for what she does is why I am here today!

Thank you Cindy for a job well done. You will never be forgotten and will always be considered my guardian angel.

Love always

Colleen Schultz