Cindy Engle

Cindy Engle

Cindy Engle, RN, BSN

Beaumont Hospital Troy
Troy, Michigan
United States

Cindy Engle exemplifies the kind of nurse that the patients and families as well as Nurses, Physicians, and other members of the Health Care Team recognize as an outstanding role model.

This comes from a mother whose son was a patient of Cindy's, who spoke of a nurse who went above and beyond in caring for her son. Cindy was the only staff member who organized her son's day so that he could be accompanied by the RN, RT and PT staff members outside by wheelchair on his ventilator. This went on a regular basis and Cindy was even able to have his cat visit on one of the trips outside.

Cindy would come in and visit her patient even on her days off and brought pictures just to lift his spirits. She helped him manage his pain with medications, repositioning and taught him distraction techniques.

Well, her patient was transferred to a Rehab facility and then to another hospital. Cindy would organize small groups of staff to visit him at both sites. Those visits were greatly appreciated by patient and his family.

A couple of weeks ago, SICU had a special visitor and thank goodness Cindy was working. Her old patient came in to see her and by the look of his smile she was the most important person for him to visit. Their easy conversation started where it left off before his transfer.

Cindy was truly an angel for this family and 18 year old spinal cord injury patient.

She was able to support him in all aspects of his recovery including mentally, physically and spiritually. She helped them through a terrifying time in his life; transitioning from an 18 year old young adult to an 18 year old young adult who was now a quadriplegic for the remainder of his life.