Cindy Cyrankowski

Cindy Cyrankowski

Cindy Cyrankowski, RN

Medical Oncology
Little Company of Mary Hospital
Evergreen Park, Illinois
United States

I was late for my Remicade appointment and the room, as usual, was full of patients. I was embarrassed, but made comfortable with a definite showing of compassion and understanding and tact in getting me "caught up."

There is immediate attention to each and everyone regardless of their need, as when the medication got held up and I was there longer than the usual time. It was insisted I eat lunch "for my own good" and it was very good, while I managed to finish my infusion of Remicade.

I was so apprehensive about starting over again with Remicade, after an absence due to a third degree burn rehab. During my first time back, I suddenly got sick and was taken care of in a most professional, caring manner, which helped me to adjust to the routine without further apprehension. I am "laughed at" when I say I go for my AM rest.

Cindy is enjoyed by many with her cheery voice and CUBS conversations. I am glad I found out about this award. I am sure there are many deserving nurses who show PATIENCE to their PATIENTS, as she does!