Cindy Baxter

Cindy Baxter, RN, CLC

Labor & Delivery
West Valley Medical Center
Caldwell, Idaho
United States
Cindy helped our baby latch and gave us so much more information to help our specific needs. It was amazing the difference she made for us.

We first met Cindy in her breastfeeding class at West Valley Medical Center.  It was there that she really demonstrated her incredible knowledge and immense passion for the field of lactation.  As we attended her class with one other patient, there was plenty of time for one on one questions and answers.  I was really impressed with Cindy's knowledge and belief that everyone can breastfeed.  We were encouraged to breastfeed and that with the correct counseling and guidance, we could achieve our breastfeeding goals.  After the class, Cindy encouraged us to return with our baby if we needed additional help. 

After our son was born, we came home from the hospital and were discouraged by the lack of help from our lactation nurse at the hospital we had delivered at.  We remembered Cindy and called her the day after.  She immediately had us come in for a consultation that day as we were struggling with getting the appropriate latch.  She helped our baby latch and gave us so much more information to help our specific needs.  It was amazing the difference she made for us.  We were able to get more sleep and our baby was well satisfied and nourished.  At our follow up appointments with our pediatrician, it was recommended that we simply continue breastfeeding with no need to supplement.  They were very impressed with how well breastfeeding was going.  Without Cindy, I am positive we would have switched to formula and would have never met our breastfeeding goals.

Later, we visited her again for a pumping session.  Again, Cindy was so passionate and helpful.  Because of her, I feel confident going to work and providing the best nourishment for my son while he is at daycare.  We don't know what we would have done without Cindy.  She is a lifesaver! Thank you, Cindy, for all your passion and your hard work!