Cindy Barnett

Cindy Barnett, RN

Family Birth Place
Carroll Hospital Center
Westminster, Maryland
United States

There was a baby that was in the SCN and was going to be there for 14 days. This was the parents’ first child and the thought of leaving her was just heartbreaking for them. After rooming in for the maximum number of nights that is allowed in FBP, Cindy Barnett got the ball rolling to move the baby and parents to Pediatrics so that the mother could stay with her baby and breastfeed. The family was so happy to be able to stay in a more comfortable area with their baby at their side while she continued her treatment. It lowered the mother’s stress level tremendously and it was wonderful to be able to take care of this family in Pediatrics where both parents could sit close together and bond with their baby. Cindy went the extra mile to make this family happy and I know it was truly appreciated by them.