Cielito Ascio

Cielito Ascio, RN

University Health System - San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
United States

Cielito is a wonderful nurse who has over 20 years of experience behind her. She is one of the most compassionate people I know and is very vigilant when it comes to the care of her patients. She has a wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise and she makes sure that her patient's are kept safe and that they receive the best care possible in our recovery room. I have included a write up from one of her coworkers as one recent example. Dear Sharon and Noel, I just wanted to let you know about the great job done by Cielito on 7/15/09. Cielito was taking care of a S/P Thyroidectomy patient when he had some cardiac changes in the PACU. Cielto recognized the EKG changes and made the appropriate calls to have the matter addressed. The ENT doctors and the cardiac doctors came into the unit and after viewing the results of the labs sent and the 12-lead EKG it was decided that the pt would go to the Cardiac Cath lab. It would then be decided if the pt needed to return to the PACU area or if he would be admitted by the cardiac service to the MCCU. Cielito was wonderful. She had already had a long day. She was suppose to give report to Leah RN to take over care for the pt. Instead she stayed over to make sure the transfer to the Cath Lab went smoothly. She stayed and made sure that the pt was transferred and that all the paper work was completed. She ended up staying till 21:58 when she still needed to return to work the next day for another 12 hour shift. As it turned out the pt did have to be admitted to the MCCU post cath. I am very glad and honored that I work with such a great and caring nurse who truly cares for her patient's. Hilda Cielito's actions in all likely hood saved this man from serious complications or perhaps a worse outcome and I am also honored to work with such an outstanding nurse.
Description of Achievement - Healer, Sentry, and Collaborator