Christy Proveaux

Christy Proveaux, RN

Athens Regional Medical Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Christy is a nurse who makes ARMC a better place to be. As Care Coordinator on Orthopedics she also functions at times as charge nurse. Even when things are very busy she tries her best to provide help to other departments who depend on her expertise and knowledge. She consistently provides the interdisciplinary team with current clinical information that assists in discharge planning and intervention. If Christy does not know the answer to a question she will try to find out. When she is on the unit it really makes a difference for the nurses. Her years of experience as an orthopedics nurse makes her invaluable and her caring attitude shows in everything that she does. Christy takes her experience as a bedside nurse and successfully uses her knowledge to make things better for the patient and the rest of the team.