Christy Cormier

Christy Cormier, RN

Pulmonary Telemetry Unit (PTU)
Glendale Adventist Medical Center
Glendale, California
United States

Christy demonstrates a high standard of bedside care in dealing with my mom and our entire family. Her smiles that offered comfort and hope with an unsaid message of all will be okay'.

My mom is quite a handful. Sometimes mom gets agitated, not because she chose it that way, but because of her sickness and aches. Christy's patience made a big difference. She's gentle with love and compassion, professional in helping, terrific listening to questions, yet smart and prompt responses. She always had a super attitude.

This early morning with my anxiousness and worry about my mom's swelling; left the hospital last night with bunches of questions/ homework to ask Dr. B all handled with super excellence by Christy. Awesome staff you have on this floor. Christy is exceptional. All of your staff deserve recognition, but this DAISY Award should go to Christy. Thank you, Christy, for being so kind and gracious in every way. Thank you, thank you!

From additional Patient family members: "My family and I are very pleased and contented by Christina's care, work and attention. She was extremely attentive, pleasant, and very caring." And: "Christy made quite an impression even during the short periods we saw her during the night shifts. Perhaps she should be voted THE most cheerful on your team. She exudes radiant energy and has shown exceptional care towards our mother!"