Christy Bentley

Christy Bentley

Christy Bentley, RN

Clinical Excellence
Decatur Morgan Hospital
Decatur, Alabama
United States

While working in the ED as a clinical transition coordinator, Christy encountered a Spanish only speaking patient who would be diagnosed with cancer during her hospital stay.  Christy worked with this patient to ensure that she had an oncologist who would agree to treat her without insurance.  Christy went a step further to accompany this patient to her oncology follow up appointment, and continues to check on her throughout her chemotherapy treatments.  Christy’s new role at Decatur Morgan Hospital is to provide support to high-risk patients as they transfer out of the ED, however, her actions have gone above and beyond to ensure the highest quality care for this patient.


I have worked with Christy for many years and know this to be her character.  She embodies compassion and our hospital and community are blessed to have her in this role.