Christy Anisi

Christy Anisi, RN

Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center
Fontana, California
United States

Nurse Christy is like a warm light when you see her smiling and caring face at night. She is amazing at explaining any questions you have and calming my fears and frustrations through many rough patches. There have been big things she’s done, and small things, but everything she has done has been 110% and higher. She puts all her focus on me as the patient both medically and personally. I honestly feel I had never met a nurse in the true definition of the word until I met Christy. In the dictionary her picture should be next to the word nurse Sounds cheesy but it’s true! I understand Christy just graduated school to be a nurse practitioner-Kaiser Permanente, hire her on as a nurse practitioner! Believe me you do not want any other medical facilities to have her for a second, because she is a diamond and they won’t want to give her back!! Good luck in everything you do you will be blessed!