Christopher Bohn

Chris Bohn

Christopher Bohn, RN, CCRN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
Marshfield Medical Center
Marshfield, Wisconsin
United States
Our family is now better off because of Chris’ empathy and support

We would like to sincerely thank Chris Bohn, RN, CCRN in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the Marshfield Medical Center.

Nurses are often faced with a paradox:  they are asked to be compassionate and empathetic with patients and their family members while also asked to be analytical and objective about the patients who they care for.  Amazingly, Chris was able to blend these seemingly incompatible objectives.

For two of the four nights during our stay in the MICU, Chris was the night nurse for our father.  Every night Chris sat down with our family and did his absolute best to explain the clinical situation in clear terms that were not only difficult to understand but challenging to discuss with a family.  We felt supported, heard, and informed, which is an exceedingly rare occurrence for families with a loved one in the ICU.

Truly, our family is now better off because of Chris’ empathy and support, and we believe that the Marshfield Medical Center is better off because of him.  He is the embodiment of what is great about the medical profession.  Several of our family members work in healthcare and we’d be honored to have Chris as part of our teams.

Chris, Thank you so much for caring for Dad and for caring for us as well.  Our time in the ICU was greatly improved because of your support, caring, and patience with us.  Thank you!