Christine Padera

Christine Padera

Christine Padera, RN

Emergency Department
Halifax Health
Daytona Beach, Florida
United States
Christine did not hesitate to take on a very heavy load not once, but twice.

On a particular day, we were extraordinarily busy due to the ending of bike week and spring break.  First thing that morning, I received a code.  Christine Padera, RN, even though she had three patients of her own in the ER, jumped right in and announced she would be my medications nurse.  Once the code was completed, she came in several times after checking on her patients to make sure I was ok and to let me know she had taken over care of my two other patients while I was cleaning up and charting from the code.

Later in the same day, I received a trauma alert that we had to extubate.  Christine once again came to my aid to help run for any items that I needed.  I had to ride to another facility with my trauma patient and Christine stated for me not to worry about my two other patients because she would assume responsibility for the assignment.

Christine showed genuine compassion not only for her coworker but for the good of all patients.  She definitely embodied the Halifax way that day.  She did not hesitate to take on a very heavy load not once, but twice.  Having a coworker like that who has your back makes coming into work more enjoyable and meaningful.  We all do what we do because it is a calling and a love, but to have coworkers who have empathy to your circumstance and prepared to come to your assistance without a question is remarkable.