Christine MacEntee

Christine MacEntee, RN, BSN

2 South Med/surg
John T Mather Memorial Hospital
Port Jefferson, New York
United States

Shortly after I was admitted and taken up to a room on the second floor, I met with a young nurse by the name of Christine MacEntee. Her gentle demeanor and welcoming words, made me feel confident that I was in good hands. It was evident she was knowledgeable, kind and dedicated to her work.

Any questions I asked her were answered fully and with ease. It was obvious that she loved her job and took it very seriously. She smiled a lot as she carried out her duties to perfection. I listened as she passed her shift onto the next nurse and noticed she thoroughly gave pertinent information to her coworkers.

Various issues came up and Christine handled them with complete confidence. I appreciate the way she slowly added medicines to my IV, keeping in mind my comfort. Christine carefully infused the liquid gently into my tubes, allowing the medicine to settle in without pain or discomfort. I was very grateful for her consideration.

There were so many fine qualities displayed in this lovely lady as the days went by. I was truly blessed to have had the pleasure of knowing Christine and being in her care during my stay.