Christine Gordon

Christine Gordon, BSN, RN

Zale Lipshy Med/Surg
UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States

Innovation: Christine came to work on our busy Neurosurgical unit and quickly established herself to be among the best. Christine has become a charge nurse, a unit leader, a preceptor, and a resource to staff, patients, and families. Christine has become an active member of our Medication Safety committee and frequently reports med events to improve patient safety and streamline processes.

Compassion: Shines at the bedside as a health care provider and educator. Christine receives frequent praise and positive comments during our Quality rounds.

Accountability: Accepts change in processes and policies well and integrates into her practice quickly and safely. Accepts new responsibilities and searches out ways to improve patient care.

Respect: Treats co-workers fairly and equitably. Expects much from her co-workers and gives as much back in return. If a nurse calls for help, Christine is the first one moving. If a patient needs assist, Christine is on her way, whether hers or another nurses.

Excellence: As above, Christine takes on challenges, takes on problems, and takes on new responsibilities. Our patients are her patients.